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How Blue Ox Ranch CSA Works
Join our CSA for the opportunity to visit and support an incredibly unique working dairy and ranch when you pick up your share directly from the place and people who grew and raised your food.
1) Sign up - Click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of this page. Select your share from the CSA Collection. Through the checkout process you will select the duration and frequency of your share subscription, billing frequency and pick up day and location. Currently, the CSA Pick Up and Cut Shop is available Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm at the ranch. CSA Pick Up is also available at the farmer's market booth.
2) Add any additional items you want with your CSA share. St. Jorge cheese and pasture raised duck eggs are available in the CSA Collection as add-ons. Customize the subscription, billing and pick up location to fit your needs or match your CSA share.
3)  Visit the ranch or farmers’ market to pick up your CSA share. Enjoy!
CSA Shares
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Our Family, Sausage, Ground Meat and Value Meat Shares offer the best value, with average savings of 20%.