Collection: Heritage Raised Beef

Born and raised in the lush Laguna pastures of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, California we at Blue Ox Ranch are the 7th generation (raising the 8th) of Portuguese ranchers to bring our family's pride and passion of hand raising local, regenerative, beneficial and incredibly delicious food directly from the ranch to your table.

We raise our animals by hand, using methods taught to us by our grandfather, Jose Matos. By maintaining a small herd, utilizing food manufacturing byproducts, growing and harvesting our pastures for hay and silage and minimizing all off-site inputs we are able to honor our animals with the life they love and provide our community with incredibly decadent, tender and flavorful products directly from our ranch.

We strive to be incredibly local. All our beef is born on our ranch or purchased within a 16 mile radius. All grazing pastures contracted throughout our cattle's lifetime, food manufacturing by product collection and feeding, compost, hay harvest and beef harvest and processing also happens within a 16 mile radius of our ranch in the heart of Laguna de Santa Rosa.

We only offer Matos Beef as it is superior with incredible marbling, tenderness and a rich, decadent, flavor. Matos Beef is the predecessor to our Blue Ox Ranch Heritage Raised Beef as our cattle mature on pasture (expected late Summer 2022).

Reserve individual cuts and explore our combo box options of Heritage Raised Beef- also available as a monthly or quarterly subscription box to continue your support and enjoyment of our family's ranch and commitment to providing incredible beef.