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We only offer Blue Ox and Matos Beef as it is superior with incredible marbling, tenderness and a rich, decadent, flavor. 

Reserve individual cuts and explore our combo box options of Heritage Raised Beef- also available as a monthly or quarterly subscription box to continue your support and enjoyment of our family's hand raised beef.

Combo Boxes are available for Pick Up or Local Delivery, please select your preference during check out.

 Regenerative Farming Practices - How We Raise Our Cattle

Regenerative Pasture Management-

Our pastures are irrigated seasonally and fertilized using only manure produced by our cattle. All dry hay and silage fed is produced on our farm from these pastures. Minimal tilling (every 10 years) is utilized to prevent soil compaction.

Food Waste Diversion-

Fresh feedstuffs utilized include fruit, vegetables, bread, brewer's grains and whey. Calves are started on whey when they are weaned from fresh, raw milk and continue until they are a little over a year old. By about six months of age our beef consumes half of their diet as food waste, diverting at least 7000 pounds of fruit and vegetables from landfills daily.

No Routine Antibiotics or Hormones-

All cattle grow and mature at their own rate and are never fed additives or preventative antibiotics. No growth or cycle augmenting hormones are used in our herd.

Born and Raised on our Ranch-

Our cattle are dual purpose, producing milk for our St. Jorge cheese and meat. Bull calves born on our farm are castrated and raised on pasture along with our replacement heifers in the Laguna de Santa Rosa.