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St. Jorge is a Portuguese style of cheese that originated from the island of São Jorge, Açores, the homeland of Joe and Mary Matos. The archipelago of the islands and incredible purity and quality of raw milk produced there are what make São Jorge cheese unique. 

Because of it's historical importance, São Jorge cheese was protected in 1986 with the creation of Região Demarcada do Queijo de São Jorge (Demarcated Region of the Cheese of São Jorge) and regulated as a registered Denominação de Origem Protegida (DOP).

As our Cheese Factory was established in Santa Rosa, California in 1979 and we have continued the Matos family tradition of handmade raw milk Portuguese cheese, we are proud to continue the legacy of St. Jorge cheese.

Joe Matos Cheese Factory was established in 1979 by Joe and Mary Matos after immigrating from the small, lush, volcanic island of Sao Jorge, Azores. Still owned and operated by Joe and Mary the Joe Matos Cheese Factory legacy continues with the 7th generation of the Matos family who bring you a taste of our Portuguese traditions, heritage and pride through handmade artisan raw milk St. Jorge cheese.

We offer our cheese at various ages, highlighting the maturing flavor profile of each stage.

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