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Blue Ox Ranch

Retired Ox Share

Retired Ox Share

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Retired Ox Share Size

The Retired Ox Share consists of approximately 80 to 150 lbs of decadent, rich and well loved beef. A Retired Ox is one of our older dual purpose crossbred milk cows who was born on our ranch, have lived a full, beautiful life on pasture while eating fruit and bread and have produced calves and premium milk for our St. Jorge cheese throughout their lifetime (generally 8 to 10 years). As cows age, they begin to produce less milk with each lactation and instead build muscle and store fat and are eventually have trouble conceiving or carrying a calf to term. 

We love and adore our milk cows and have a bond with each one of them. These girls have given us their literal all over the 8 to 10 years they are in the milking string and in return they have received nothing but the best and freshest pasture and feed. Their beef is a direct reflection of the tender, rich and decadent lives they have lived. 

Purchasing a Retired Ox Share ensures that these beloved cows live their entire lives on our ranch, never loaded onto an auction-bound truck.


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